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Introduction : TiMidity
TiMidity is software that can perform MIDI by using Soundfont (sound font) and GUS/Patch.
The maximum feature can freely replace the tone used, and it corresponds to a part of insertion effect now.
Here is an explanation page for the beginner of TiMidity.
TiMidity is being developed by many people.
the talk is recommended by using Mr. saito's version.


Download and Install

go to TiMidity++ (Experimental version).
download -> TiMidity++ binary for Win32GUI&CUI&TWSYNTH 2.13.0 (build:2004/3/29)

The downloaded file is uncompress.
The following files come out when unzipping the file. 'timw32g.exe', 'twsyng.exe', 'twsynsrv.exe'
The timidity directory is made for C drive, and the uncompressed file in that is put.

Play MIDI (used soundfont)

soundfont (*.sf2) and config file (*.cfg) are necessary to reproduce MIDI with timidity.

'config file' automatic of Mr. saito generated is used this time.
go to TiMidity++ (Experimental version)
download -> configuration files -> readme link.
soundfont -> download is 'anothergsv20.cfg' file.
After download complated, it is moved to c:/timidity directory.

next download soundfonts.
Another GS Download -> bennetng
After download complated, it is moved to c:/timidity directory.

Next, anothergsv20.cfg is opened with the text editor.
The following item is written most up.

dir c:/TiMidity
dir c:/TiMidity/soundfont

It becomes the following if it describes it.

Work is completed.
running timw32g.exe.
Config -> Preference -> Player -> Config File -> anothergsv20.cfg
Press 'Reload Config File' Button.
Press 'OK' Button.
If the MIDI file can be reproduced by this, it is OK.

* Soundfont is compress format is sfpack and sfark.
sfpack decompress software is on saito web site
SfArk decompress software is on SfArk


Customize (TiMidity)
Config -> Preference -> Effect
Option Performance Quality
Reverb Standard Reverb / No Reverb Standard Reverb / New Reverb
Chorus Standard Chorus / No Chorus Standard Chorus / Surround Chorus
Delay Standard Delay / No Delay Standard Delay
Lowpass Filter 12db / No Filter 12db / 24db

Next, let's set the part that cannot be set with GUI.
There are two kinds of procedures.
Command line option
Command line option is write in cfg file.

Here, Command line option is write in cfg file.
Opened Config File. (anothergsv20.cfg)
A content the following between 'dir' and 'bank 0' is written when opening.
# begin
#extension opt -V 2
#extension opt -EFresamp=L
#extension opt -q2.5/100
#extension opt -R 600
# end
Save is config file and reboot TiMidity.
It is a meaning of each setting as follows.
-V 2
-V 2 # GS
-V 1.661 # Ideal
-V 1 # Linear
-EFresamp=d# none (High Performance)
-EFresamp=l# Linear (Performance)
-EFresamp=c#C-spline (Performance)
-EFresamp=L#Lagrange (Performance)
-EFresamp=g#gauss (Quality)
-EFresamp=n#newton (High Quality)
The response improves by reducing the value.
default: -q5.0/100
-R 600
default: 800

It doesn't sound it. When the log is seen, the following are displayed.
XXXXXX.SF2: No such file or directory
Can't open soundfont file XXXXXX.SF2
Please confirm the following points.
  • Is the description of dir of config-file correct?
  • Is the file name including space enclosed with "?
    1: SoundFont Name.sf2 -> "SoundFont Name.sf2"
    2: dir C:/Program Files/Timidity -> dir "C:/Program Files/Timidity"
  • file not found soundfont. or not found directory.
I want to switch bank by the sound source.
The part of bank is described as follows.
bank sc55 0 #SC55
bank sc88 0 #SC88
bank sc88pro 0 #SC88PRO
bank xg 0 #XG
bank xgsfx64 0 #XG(SFX64)

drumset sc55drum 0 #SC55_DRUM
drumset sc88drum 0 #SC88_DRUM
drumset sc88prodrum 0 #SC88PRO_DRUM
drumset xgdrum 0 #XG_DRUM

Example of setting timidity driver config

opt -q5.0/100
opt -U
opt -R500
opt --noise-shaping=4
opt --voice-lpf=1
opt --control-ratio=15
opt --volume-curve=2
opt -Ewpvsetoz
opt --chorus=n
opt --reverb=n
opt -A100,100
opt --module=4
opt --rtsyn-latency=0.0
opt -EFresamp=L

Method for getting latest version of TiMidity

bw Version:
TiMidity++ bw Version.